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Wuxi Tianniu Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of coating and composite equipment. With a dedicated team of over 100 professionals, they specialize in producing high-quality hot melt adhesive coating machines, fluid coating machines, and gas floating coating and compound equipment. Their commitment to advancing coating technology has earned them the trust and praise of customers worldwide.
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TN-HA50 Hot Melt Coating Machine

Sourcing TN-HA50 Hot Melt Coating Machine from China

We specialize in sourcing top-quality equipment for various industries, and we are proud to offer the TN-HA50 Hot Melt Coating Machine from China. This innovative machine is designed to provide precise and consistent coating applications, making it the ideal choice for manufacturers and industrial professionals. Trust Tianniu to provide you with the best solutions for your coating needs.

TN-HA50 Hot Melt Coating Machine
TN-HA50 Hot Melt Coating Machine
  • Features of TN-HA50 Hot Melt Coating Machine

  1. The main machine speed and glue feeding amount can be adjusted by an AC converter, for manual or automated tracking.
  2. Intelligent PID temperature control system maintains temperatures within 1°C.
  3. Teflon non-stick coating on the glue melting box prevents carbonization of hot melt adhesive.
  4. The highly precise gear pump ensures a consistent delivery of glue.
  5. High-precision alloy coating head for optimal substrate application.
  6. An efficient cooling device is in place for enhanced results.
  • Applications of TN-HA50 Hot Melt Coating Machine

  • The material can produce various types of tape like double-sided tape, duct tape, and foam tape.
  • It is also suitable for making cleaning tape, kraft paper tape, masking tape, and aluminum foil tape.
  • Additional applications include fiber tape, medical dressing tape, shoes, paper labels, and film labels.
  • Further, it can be used to create PP woven bags and low-temperature hot melt adhesive films.
Applications of TN-HA50 Hot Melt Coating Machine

Technical Parameters

ModelCoating WidthCoating WeightCoating SpeedUnwind DiameterRewind DiameterEPCLengthHeight
HF-A50400-2500mm10-200g/m250m/min1000mm700mm1 SET4800mm1350mm

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Access all-encompassing technical aid for any complexities that arise with Tianniu’s Hot Melt Coating Machine. Our cadre of experts stands ready to provide effective solutions. Utilize our professional expertise for a smooth, uninterrupted experience. Rest assured, our seasoned team, with over a decade of research, development, and design in hot melt adhesive coater and composite equipment, is committed to ensuring your success.

Applications of HF-UV550UV Curable Hot Melt Coating Machine
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