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Wuxi Tianniu Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of coating and composite equipment. With a dedicated team of over 100 professionals, they specialize in producing high-quality hot melt adhesive coating machines, fluid coating machines, and gas floating coating and compound equipment. Their commitment to advancing coating technology has earned them the trust and praise of customers worldwide.
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TN-HT Nettled Hot Melt Coating Machine

Discover the TN-HT Nettled Hot Melt Coating Machine from Tianniu

Designed and manufactured in China, this high-quality machine is perfect for a variety of applications. From adhesive coating to laminating and packaging, the TN-HT offers precision and versatility. Gain an edge in your industry with this cutting-edge technology. Contact us today to learn more about our sourcing options and how this machine can benefit your business.

TN-HT Nettled Hot Melt Coating Machine
TN-HT Nettled Hot Melt Coating Machine
  • Features of TN-HT Nettled Hot Melt Coating Machine

  • The inside surface of the glue melting box is coated with Teflon to prevent carbonization, ensuring high-quality glue and minimizing blockages.
  • The Gear Pump utilizes frequency speed control, enabling precise control over adhesive output.
  • A precise filter system effectively removes impurities, preventing blockages in the exhaust nozzle.
  • The temperature is precisely controlled by a PID intelligent controller.
  • The control system includes high and low-temperature settings to protect the device from damage.
  • Applications of TN-HT Nettled Hot Melt Coating Machine

  • This machine is used in conjunction with the Hot Melt Coating Machine.
Applications of TN-HT Nettled Hot Melt Coating Machine

Technical Parameters

ModelStorage CapacityMelting SpeedHeating PowerMotor PowerRange Of Temperature Control
R200600-1000L220kg/h45kw3.7kwroom temperature~250
R100200L130kg/h22kw2.2kwroom temperature~250
R5080L45kg/h12kw1.5kwroom temperature~250

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Acquire extensive technical assistance for any complexities associated with Tianniu’s Hot Melt Coating Machine. Our cadre of experts is ready to deliver efficient solutions. Utilize our professional expertise for uninterrupted and smooth operations. With over a decade of experience in hot melt adhesive coater and composite equipment research, development, and design, we are committed to ensuring your success.

Applications of HF-UV550UV Curable Hot Melt Coating Machine
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